Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Extremist Lexiconography

Today I was glancing at a family members calendar and saw the following note:
meet on X days through Y month and maybe even into Z month, if He wills

For those of you not down with the lingo, "if He wills" refers to either Yahweh, Christ, or some combination thereof (it's too early in the morning to begin parsing trinity dogma).

My brain momentarily came to a screeching halt at the "if He wills" part. Or perhaps screeching pause would be more accurate? As my anemically decaffeinated neurons found the connections necessary to dredge up a glimmer of understanding, an unbidden smile leapt to my otherwise drawn and morning-weary face.

Apparently, I've been outside the sort of circles in which people sprinkle their daily speech with religious jargon for sufficiently long that I'm no longer fluent.

Once the warm glow of this realization faded, I began to consider technical jargon, the way it's used, and what the use of technical jargon amongst religious adherents says about the speaker.

Stay tuned for more

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